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7th Annual JHU Region III LEAH Health Disparities Conference

December 6. 2014

Adolescent Health Disparities: A Focus on Substance Use and Abuse

Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Chevy Chase Auditorium

Invited Speakers:

Ken Winters, PhD, Director, Center for Substance Abuse Research, University of Minnesota

Marc Fishman, MD, Director, Mountain Manor Treatment Center, Innovations in Treatment & Early Interventions for Adolescents with Substance Use Disorders

Kevin Sabet, PhD, Director, University of Florida Drug Policy Institute

Presentations By:

David Jernigan, PhD, Director, Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth, JHUBSPH

Renee Johnson, PhD, Department of Mental Health, JHUBSPH

James Baumberger, MPP, Dept. of Federal Affairs, American Academy of Pediatrics

Joshua Sharfstein, MD, Secretary, Maryland Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene

Pamela Matson, PhD MPH, Assistant Professor, General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

Amelia Arria, PhD, Director, Center on Young Adult Health and Development, University of Maryland, School of Public Health

Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion:

Shannon Garrett, LCSW, CSC-AD, Paul J. Gonzalez, Esq, and Gina Massella, PhD

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Participants are requested to register. There is no fee to register

Neal Halfon, MD MPH and Sara Johnson, PhD MPH Carolyn Quattrocki, JD Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion

Video of last year’s LEAH Day 2013.

November 15, 2013

LEAH Symposium: Session

November 15, 2013

LEAH Symposium: Panel


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