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The United Way of Central Maryland unveils a new way to help young people. Ita��s the organizationa��s first school-based family support center for teen parents. As Mary Bubala shows us, ita��s keep kids in school and supporting them as new parents. Some cry, others sleep a�� the babies are being taken care of at the brand new United Way Family Center at Ben Franklin High School in Brooklyn-Curtis Bay. Teen moms and dads go to school here, while their children are looked after. a�?Well I think that if it wasna��t here I dona��t think I would come to school very often,a�? teen mom Maya Castillo said. a�?So ita��s helping me a lot so I can graduate.a�? The center offers parenting classes, job readiness and financial education to the teens. Ita��s the first of its kid in Baltimore City schools.

A�A�A�A�A�A� a�?United Way is all about the building blocks of a self-sufficient life which means health, education and financial stability and this center culminates this for these young children, for their parents and the community as a whole,a�? said Sandy Monck, of United Way of Central Maryland. Sixteen-year-old Keyonna Tanzymore says she wants to set a good example for her son. a�?I want my son to see me graduate, ita��s important to him,a�? Tanzymore said. a�?I dona��t want him to think I dropped out of school when I had him.a�? Her aunt says the program is great. a�?It means a lot to me that she can bring her child to school with her. That way she can continue to go to school and graduate, because shea��s in 11th grade and I want her to finish.a�? Keyonnaa��s aunt, Sheila Witherspoon said. a�?This is a good way for her and her baby to bond. He can be with her and shea��s learning.a�? Ita��s a nurturing environment for the babies and their parents. a�?Now they dona��t have to be concerned about whoa��s watching their child and whether their child is safe or not,a�? Heather Chapman, of Ben Franklin Center Community Schools, said. a�?They are really able to focus on class, mentally they are all there.a�? The family center is open to all Baltimore City high schoolers who are expecting or are new parents.

Twenty infants and toddlers receive care at the center, which opened Thursday.

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